Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anakena's love portion...

Now I'm seating here with a bottle of red wine, Anakena from Chile, thinking about how sad my Christmas gonna be...don't worry...getting used to it anyway. Its my 3rd year here, in this f*%$&#g west side. I miss having my festive celebration at my hometown. I miss my dad, my friends, the hospitality (even when you don't need them), the foods,.etc. I'm not saying that things here are sucked. It's just not the same. While I'm thinking about all those sad things, good things also around me, to comfort me, to make me worthy, to change me to a better person,.... my only love. That's her. Just in front of me now. Lying there, feeling tipsy and sleepy, and always looking gorgeous. She's my engine, my fuel, my generator, my power source, my cold-ice-chrysanthemum tea-when-you're-stuck-in- the-middle-of-the-dessert, my life. When I'm sad, and when a bottle of red wine doesn't really helps, she could be the only thing in this world  that could make my level of sadness decrease. Thats one of the signs that could assure you, you're in deep love! 

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday blues...

Monday blues...Everything seems so slow, the time on my wrist watch, the traffic, the people around, etc... Got a call from my friend, Kamal, and decided to meet up with him for lunch in Bangsar Village. Took me 45mins to washed myself and speed off for the rendezvous. Thank God i wasn't late... Neither one of us were waiting. Kamal was already chewing on something,..(hmm..some  bun, i think)....didn't bother to ask though. My stomach was already making some cave-echo sound, so we sat at the restaurant near cold storage ( cant remember the name of the restaurant) and started to order some food. I was recommended by Kamal to try their beef pie. So, i did..   Kamal was right!! The beef pie was absolutely marvelously delicious....uuhhh, si'dik ai!!!( that's what Bidayuh would say). Anyways, after lunch, we went to MPH bookstore. And i found this wonderful book, Young Asian Design. I was really fondly in love with it, unfortunately, my cash flow wasn't flowing in a right path. It cost RM150. DAMN!!!!! Knowing that i haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, gets me worried over the presents. Thats when you started to have crazy imaginations over your money, your needs, how i wish i could grow my own money tree, with diamonds and golds, how i wish i could work with Santa and help him giving out presents, .....bla bla bla bla... Come back to the reality, i'm broke! But i'm thankful and happy for my life. Thats what matters!...About the book, i'll get it next year..soon! 
In the evening, me and Emi had dinner at Asia Cafe, right before my
 Japanese class. On the way to my Japanese class, we stopped by at the
 DVD shop and bought a drama series, called Weeds. Its a comedy series about this widow selling and dealing weeds in the suburbs. We watched it after i got home from my class. It is very subversive, satirical and hilarious story! Recommended by me, myself and it!!! Even better if you got a joint... 

Friday, December 12, 2008

PutraJaya Extreme Games Challenge

Start Time : Saturday, Dec 20th 2008 at 9.00am
End Time : Sunday, Dec 21st 2008 at 6.30pm
Location : Dataran Putrajaya, Precint 3 (in between Palace of Justice and Komplex Perbadanan Putrajaya)

A handrail will set foot on the 5 feet step. A flat / square (3 inch width) handrail will install in the middle for skateboard and bmx competition. Meanwhile, 2 round rails will be install on the left and right side of the 

So, for you guys out there who are planning to join this competition, you better start practicing your tricks. Good luck!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Japanese translations

Japanese to English / Malay / Bidayuh

はじめまして。Hajimemashite.= How do you do?(literal meaning: i am meeting you for the 1st time. Usually used as the 1st phrase when introducing oneself)

どうぞ よろしく。Dozo yoroshiku.= Nice to meet you

わたしは ジョセフ です。Watashi wa Joseph  desu.= My name is Joseph./Nama saya Joseph./ Aden kuk Joseph.

おげんきですか。O-genki desu ka? = How are you? / Apa khabar? / Oni abar muk? 

なにおたべたいですか。Nani o tabetai desu ka? = What do you want to eat?/ Nak makan apa?/Oni de ri'ek man muk?

どうぞ。Dozo.= Please, here you are./ Sila kan./ Nah...(with a smile & be gentle)

おきます。Okimasu.= Wake up./Bangun./ Mokat.
ねます。Nemasu.= Sleep./ Tidur./ Be'es.
はたらきます。Hatarakimasu.= Work./ Kerja./ Kroja
やすみます。Yasumimasu.= Holiday,take a rest./ Cuti rehat./Pimisi, rirek diek.
べんきょします。Benkyoshimasu.= Study./ Belajar./Brajar.

Okonomiyaki - おこのみやき

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish consisting of a pan-fried batter cake and various ingredients. It is usually served during lunch or dinner. Its very easy to make it. I don't think it would be a problem for you to try making it, since i succeeded on my 1st attempt. Let me guide you step by step in making it.

First you need to prepare all the ingredients - 

egg, cabbage, meat slices(pork,beef), milk, Otafuku sauce , Sakura ebi(little shrimp), Benishouga(pickled ginger),katsuoko(fish powder),Aosa(seaweed powder),Tenkasu(brown)
First step is, you need to slice the cabbage as small as 1cm sq.

Then you pour the Katsuoko into a bowl approximately 50g. 52g is still ok.

Then you need 30cc of milk and 30cc of water, and an egg, mix it well together onto the bowl of Katsuoko powder.

After that, pour together the cabbage that you have cut onto the mixing you did earlier. Then, put all ingredients together then mix them again. Meanwhile, you can start heating the pan. First you start cooking the meat slice. Put 3 slices. Cook till both sides are in light-brown.Then pour all the mixture onto the pan.

When it is cooked, bring it to a plate, and start to pour the Otafu
ku sauce, Mayo, Aosa.

When its all done, bring it to the table, switch on your TV, and enjoy it.hhmmmmm.....Oishii!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This beer is clearly an answer to the award-winning The Premium Malts, which is entirely underrated. Like other Japanese beers, the head did not retain, but for as long as it lasted it was a beautiful golden amber color. The smell was a little tart and the malty flavor ( it advertises itself as Malty) doesn't kick in until way later. It is obviously quality, and the dynamism of flavor is to be admired.
Honestly, it attempts to be a high-class lager and just ends up something that you wouldn't want to drink the whole sixer of.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Lert Saeri from Thailand threw a Hardflip down that gap and got himself 1st place.

Vans King of Gap, 6th Dec , Sunway Pyramid

VANS is a Southern California-based manufacturer of sneakers, BMX shoes and other shoe types catering primarily to the skateboarders/surfer youth market. Recently,on 6th Dec, Vans organized a competition. It was " Vans King of Gap" competition mainly for skateboarding.

 I was there, but i came late. I missed the preliminary round, but i didn't miss the final round, of course. I reached there a round 2pm. The final round only starts about 4.30pm. So, i mingle around with some friends, and met some ol' friends- from KK (Wins), Miri (Nazri Lian),frm PJ (Adam, Kabut, Kechik,and the geng,) SandroRiyaz, Keiron Brodie, Padin & Maris (of course), and many more.
Among the finalist were from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Sick and crazy tricks were been thrown down the big gap. Unfortunately, Fuad (MALAYSIA), got injured while attempting nollie heelflip. He was brought to the medic right after. He almost landed that trick. Here are the results and some photos.

1st - Lert Saeri (THA)- Hardflip
2nd -Farris (SIN)- Halfcab heel Indy
3rd - Syed (SIN)- Heelflip

There were also some other events such as BMX flatland demos, displays of ol'skool boards from Powel Peralta, Vision skateboards, all those single-kick boards. How i wish i could have them? And also local bands were performing after the skate competition.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sungai Chongkak waterfall trip

It was Sunday morning, the day we've all planned to go picnic at Sungai Chongkak. We all agreed to meet up somewhere along the Federal Highway, near Mercedes Benz showroom, at 9.
a.m. Unfortnately, only Me, Raymond, and Jane were there. And the rest, well.......biasa lah, Malaysian time. We waited about an hour for them( this time i wont mention their names ).

Soon after that, our journey began. I was so so hungry, as i didn't munch anything for breakfast. Because, i was expecting a breakfast stop before the journey. Luckily, i survived and could still drive, and reached our destination. It only took us like an
 hour from our meeting place to Sungai Chongkak. We took the Cheras highway. Just go straight on the highway, until you pass 2 plaza tol, then keep on your left.  You will see a signboard saying, Pekan Ulu Langat. Just follow the signs. Very easy. It was our 1st time too. 

As soon as we reached there, Andi had already booked 2 chalets. Andi and the gang, were already there earlier. So, we went up to our chalets and put our stuffs in. Soon after that, everyone was rushing to the nearest stall (kedai kak Yati)to grab something to eat. We had maggie kari which cost RM 2.50, burgers, some nasi lemaks. Our breakfast cost about RM36.40. That was ridiculously expensive. Well, what the heck...

After everyone was filled with satisfaction over hunger, we went back to our shelters. Here's where the main event started - get wasted. It was only 12.00 noon, and we were already drinking Vodkas. Thats why they say Sarawakians and Sabahans can really drink! We were already tipsy before 2pm. That was the time where the outdoor activities started. 

We went down to the river. The water was soaking damn cold ! Luckily, our body heating system went very well. Thanks to the Vodkas. We swam, we slides down the currents through rocks, we posed for photos ( most of them were hilariously stupid ).... we tried our best enjoying the nature. I wonder why human get so happy and exited over water? hmmmm.... thought of the day.

The best thing that happened was, we met with some Ibans and Bidayuhs there. They greeted us after noticing our tattoos. Then they served us foods and even self-made "tuak"( its a Sarawak local rice wine). They were so kind, and we felt home. We even brought some of our foods and supplies to share with them. That's what its all about- sharing is caring. 

After that, we invited them to our chalet and joined us. Only some of them did. The rest were already drunk. We set-up our BBQ pit, and fire and bbq-ing. Soon after that, more friends came. Lawrence, Gerl, Faizal, Nixon and his girlfriend. They brought more supplies for the night. Beers and some chicken wings. That night was really fun. Good foods, great booze, and a wonderful company. And the fun just keep on going,and going,and going, till someone slept outside the toilet. 

The next morning, we checked out before noon, and straight for breakfast somewhere at Kajang. I had a really nice Sio Bak rice. It was great!! 

Well, looking forward for another trip and adventures and more fun..... Its all good!!! Peace.