Friday, May 1, 2009

Men's best friend....

Her name is Mee. We had her right after we had laksa Sarawak at Taman Megah SS.24. That's how she got her name. Its a cute name.. 
When we just got her, she was only 3 months old. She's a Miniature Shnauzer. It is really rare to see a black one.

Now, this is how she looks like after staying with us for 2 months. She's getting bigger and smarter. She listens to some commands and tricks we taught her. For example, sit, wait, go into your cage, don't!, and even dance.. She is a very smart dog. That's why some people said Shnauzer is a dog with a lil' bit of human brain.( not literally).. but she can sense your emotion. When you're sad, she will be sad too, and she will come to you and comfort you, or try to make you happy or laugh by doing some of her tricks or funny moves. She is very adorable. We love her very much.