Friday, January 2, 2009

New year, new life....even better

2008 have passed. It was full of memories that cannot be forgotten. Some were bad memories and some were very wonderful. Let's just treasure them, let those memories remind us how we deal with our life. Our decisions that we made, the road we took, the path we walked, that led us here today. Have it changed our life? Are we being better or worst? That, we have to flashback. Because those are the things that reflects us.
Some of us may have lost some friends, family members or relatives. We did not decide that to happened. God decides when it comes to life. For us who are still alive, we still have a purpose to be here. We are still looking for answers to everything in life. There are no boundaries in searching those answers. From questions, it gives answers. From answers, it gives life a meaning. Now it's 2009. And your life spend has increase to another year. Use them wisely. Knowing which is good and which is bad leads you to a better path in life. So, let us hope that this year will bring luck, more love around us, more joy, and the most important thing in this world is peace. Peace be with you all always.