Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aidil fitri celebration 2009

It was 2nd day of Aidilfitri, when me and my sister, Annie drove off to Perak to visit my mum. We took off from home around 11 am and reached there around 3.30pm. Luckily to road wasn't really jam. We wasted our 30 minutes on our long-cut road. I missed the correct turning to Sri Iskandar. Anyway, what matters after all is that we reached our destination in one piece.

As soon as we reached , we had our lunch. We didn't know that they were waiting for our arrival for lunch. So my other sister, Rita was a lil' bit grumpy ( as usual ). So glad to be there, celebrating Raya with my mum and my stepdad. They were happy to have us there. My stepdad's elders son ,Herman was also there with his family. Her daughter was so cute. I think she's almost as Mimi's age.
After lunch, i helped my sister with her presentation for Nikko Hotel. Taught her some tricks on Powerpoint. Don't know whether she still remembers it or not. At night i had a good mother and son chat. As usual, my mum with her advises. About my life, marriage, future,..etc. She gets emotional very easily when it comes to those kind of topics.

We left from Perak back to KL in the early morning around 6am. Luckily it wasn't jam. On our way back, i saw a dog got hit by a CRV 4wheel drive. It died on the spot. It happened just infront of me. The dog was crossing the highway when he got hit. Poor dog. After the incident, we stopped and grabbed some food. We reached KL around 11am.
Can't wait for the next Hari Raya.

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